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5 Easy Fixes for Common WordPress Issues

WordPress is taking over the internet. About 15.9 million websites use WordPress, nearly 50,000 sites are launched every day, and 17 new blog posts are published on WordPress sites every second. With stats like that, it’s fair to say that WordPress is one of the most popular blog and website content management systems in the… Read More »

WordCamp Europe, Orange County, and Boston Recaps

WordCamp Europe Message from an Organizer: Jenny Beaumont WordCamp Europe is a truly unique experience among WordCamps, uniting people from around the world, giving them the opportunity to meet face-to-face, to share, to learn, and to contribute – to be a part of this great, global WordPress community. This fourth consecutive year saw unprecedented growth… Read More »

Using Let’s Encrypt with DreamPress

Pre-installed on All New DreamPress Installs There is a lot more interest in encrypting web traffic these days. In the past, web encryption was primarily used only in ecommerce, to protect shoppers’ personal card information, and logging into web applications. No longer. There are now a number of additional benefits to using web encryption on your domain. Encrypting… Read More »

How to Create a WordPress Website in 5 Easy Steps

If you’ve been putting off the decision to set up a website for your small business because you assume it will be complicated or time-consuming, don’t worry. Setting up a basic WordPress website is remarkably easy. In fact, most people can go from start to finish in about 30 minutes — without any advanced tech… Read More »