How To Install APKS Files

After reading this guide, you will be familiar with the APKS file format used to install applications and games on devices running the Android operating system, as well as learn how to install them correctly. Developers creating apps and games for Android often find that their projects need to be optimized for systems with different hardware specifications and operating system versions. In most cases, this leads to the fact that the installation file “gains” a lot of weight, because it needs to be configured for all device options. Recently, Google has encouraged Android app developers to split their projects’ installation files into multiple APK files. Each such APK is responsible for one or another part of the application, and they do not work separately. As a rule, this set includes: Main APK (application core). APK with libraries for different processor architectures (arm64-v8a, armeabi-v7a, etc.). APK with graphic files for different screen sizes (xhdpi, xxhdpi, xxxhdpi, etc.). When installing applications with a split APK from Google Play, only those parts that are needed to work with this particular system are downloaded to the device. This greatly reduces the size and download time, which is of course very good. Difficulties begin if the user wants to download a “split” application, not from Google Play, but another resource. What files from the kit need to be downloaded for installation on a specific device? And how to install them? To solve this problem, the APKS installer format was created, which is actually an archive that combines all the APK files of the application. When using it, the user will not have to burden himself with questions – he will need to download only one file and install it using a special program – Split APKs Installer (SAI). Install APKS with Split APKs Installer Split APKs Installer is a free and open-source application for installing and exporting applications that consist of several APK files. You can learn more about it, as well as download the file for installing SAI. After downloading and installing the application, installing the “split” APK will not present a big problem. The program works both with a set of “separated” files and with an installer in APKS format. You only need to open it, click the “Install APK” button, and select the necessary files. She will do the rest herself. During the installation and operation of the application, it will need to be given access to devise resources, as well as permission to install from unknown sources. Let’s take a look at installing one of the apps using the Split APKs Installer. It is assumed that you have already downloaded the APKS file that you need to install. Open the Split APKs Installer application and click the “Install APK” button, and then indicate in the next window where the file to be installed is located. Check the box next to it and click “Select”: Click “Install” select a file The installation of the file will begin, after which you will be able to launch the installed application: