How To Install the XAPK Files

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  1. What is XAPK?
  2. Installing XAPK using the XAPK Installer
  3. Unpacking XAPK and manually installing files

After reading this guide, you will learn about the XAPK file format used to install applications and games on devices with the Android operating system, as well as learn how to install them correctly.

For some time now, XAPK files have appeared on many sites that distribute application and game files for Android devices. Many users who for one reason or another cannot or do not want to use Google Play are confused – unlike the well-known APK files, the installation of which does not raise questions, Android “does not understand” how to install XAPK. Let’s see what these file formats are and how they can be installed.

What is XAPK?

Google’s developer policies do not allow apps and games larger than 100 MB to be uploaded to Google Play. In many cases, this is more than enough – most applications do not go beyond this limit. But some games and serious programs that use a lot of data cannot be made small.

To solve this problem, Google suggested that developers divide their creations into several parts. One of them is the main APK file, which, in fact, is the application. Other parts are additional resources (the so-called application cache), as well as minor APK files (may be missing). As a rule, the cache “weighs” much more than APK files and is automatically loaded by the application or game after they are installed.

Here’s How It Works

You download and install a particular product from the Google Play store.
After launching a game or application, she reports that she needs to download additional resources.

If you agree, the cache is downloaded (sometimes up to several gigabytes), after which you can use the application.
This sequence works fine with Google Play, but if you need to install a game or application from another site, you will need to download the installer (APK) and the cache file (OBB). At the same time, there is usually an instruction on the download page that tells you where to place the cache.

In principle, this is a simple matter, but sometimes confusing instructions or erroneous user actions can cause the application to not work. Therefore, in recent times, files in the XAPK format are increasingly used to install applications with a cache, which are actually archives containing all the materials necessary for installation.

After starting the installation of the XAPK file, the user does not need to think about what to do and where to put which file, which greatly simplifies the installation process.

Below we will consider two options for installing XAPK files – using a special program and in “manual” mode (by unpacking the archive).

Installing XAPK using the XAPK Installer

The Android operating system does not have built-in tools for working with XAPK files, so it is recommended to use a special program for this – XAPK Installer, which automatically unpacks the archive, installs the application, and transfers the cache to the desired folder. Once installed, this software will forever save you from the worries of installing such files.

You can download the APK file for installing the XAPK Installer application here. After installing it, you will only need to download the desired game or application in XAPK format and click on the downloaded file. The installation will start automatically. At the same time, depending on the requirements of the application or game is installed, you may be prompted for certain permissions.

Unpacking XAPK and manually installing files

Some users do not like to install additional programs or want to control all stages of application installation. They may use a different method to install XAPK files. To do this, you need to “manually” unpack the file, run the installer and transfer the cache to the desired folder.

To unpack the XAPK file, you will need an archiver, which is quite possibly already installed on your Android device. Sometimes other programs also have archiver functions (for example, file managers ).

After downloading the XAPK file, you will need to change its extension from .xapk to .rar (or .zip) and then use an archiver to unpack it. There will be an APK file (need to be installed) and a directory with a cache (need to be moved to the required directory).

Sometimes, the archive contains more than one APK file, but several. In this case, installing the file becomes more complicated and you still have to turn to the services of the XAPK Installer program discussed above.

As you can see, “manual” installation of XAPK files requires more user actions and is not always possible, so we still recommend that you use the program – it’s easier and faster.

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How To Install APKS Files

After reading this guide, you will be familiar with the APKS file format used to install applications and games on devices running the Android operating system, as well as learn how to install them correctly. Developers creating apps and games for Android often find that their projects need to be optimized for systems with different hardware specifications and operating system versions. In most cases, this leads to the fact that the installation file “gains” a lot of weight, because it needs to be configured for all device options. Recently, Google has encouraged Android app developers to split their projects' installation files into multiple APK files. Each such APK is responsible for one or another part of the application, and they do not work separately. As a rule, this set includes: Main APK (application core).APK with libraries for different processor architectures (arm64-v8a, armeabi-v7a, etc.).APK with graphic files for different screen sizes (xhdpi, xxhdpi, xxxhdpi, etc.).When installing applications with a split APK from Google Play, only those parts that are needed to work with this particular system are downloaded to the device. This greatly reduces the size and download time, which is of course very good. Difficulties begin if the user wants to download a "split" application, not from Google Play, but another resource. What files from the kit need to be downloaded for installation on a specific device? And how to install them? To solve this problem, the APKS installer format was created, which is actually an archive that combines all the APK files of the application. When using it, the user will not have to burden himself with questions - he will need to download only one file and install it using a special program - Split APKs Installer (SAI). Install APKS with Split APKs InstallerSplit APKs Installer is a free and open-source application for installing and exporting applications that consist of several APK files. You can learn more about it, as well as download the file for installing SAI. After downloading and installing the application, installing the "split" APK will not present a big problem. The program works both with a set of "separated" files and with an installer in APKS format. You only need to open it, click the "Install APK" button, and select the necessary files. She will do the rest herself. During the installation and operation of the application, it will need to be given access to devise resources, as well as permission to install from unknown sources. Let's take a look at installing one of the apps using the Split APKs Installer. It is assumed that you have already downloaded the APKS file that you need to install. Open the Split APKs Installer application and click the "Install APK" button, and then indicate in the next window where the file to be installed is located. Check the box next to it and click "Select": Click "Install" select a fileThe installation of the file will begin, after which you will be able to launch the installed application:

How to Download and Install MOD APK on Android

Often, for games that have received high user ratings, developers create various modifications (improvements or additions) to simplify the passage or add some interesting details to the game. Today we will tell you how to install a mod on Android. How to download and install mod on Android Mods (from Latin Modification, i.e. change) for games are applications that are mostly written by third-party developers or individual amateurs using specially designed programs or SDK. Written for fans by fans, mods are usually distributed free of charge, unlike add-ons, which are various additions to an existing game, created either by the developers of the original game or by a third-party company on behalf of the developer. So, if you decide to download mods for your favorite games, not from Google Play, then first you need to go to the main settings of your smartphone, open the " Security " menu and in the " Device Administration " section check the box " Unknown sources ": Then download the desired .ark file and move it to the SD card of your Android device. Now we open any file manager, for example,  ES Explorer or a standard file manager (in the screenshot “ Files ”), open the “ Download ” folder, find our file in it and click on it: After that, a window will open in which we select " Install ", and then we act according to the proposed installation instructions. Sometimes, if an Internet connection is required to install a particular mod, you may be asked to use some smartphone functions - we allow it. Many applications, in addition to the installation itself, will need a cache - additional files that are required for the application to work correctly. Such applications are in the archive, where, along with the .ark file, the cache will also be downloaded, the size of which can reach several GB (read more about how to unzip the cache folder and install). How to install a mod for Minecraft on Android We have described the standard scheme for installing mods for games on Android. However, there are mods, the installation of which has its own characteristics, for example, for the  Minecraft PE game. Here, the installation largely depends on the version of the game on your Android device. Minecraft fans will appreciate the possibilities of Master for Minecraft-Launcher. This tool will allow the user to edit maps or characters, create their own modifications by following prompts in pop-up windows, use a whole library of ready-made mods, skins, and resources. To work with the application after its launch, set the parameters you are interested in (maps, skins, textures, etc.), it is easy to do this thanks to an intuitive interface in Russian: Now you can enter the game, click the “ Play ” button and go directly to the gameplay:

How to share the Internet from your phone to your Android phone

How to share the Internet from your phone to your Android phone

Reading 6 min Outlook 498 Published 3/8/2021 Any modern smartphone can be turned into a modem or router to distribute the Internet. This is useful if your gadget supports 3G or 4G mobile networks and there is no wired Internet in a certain area, but you still need to work or study. A common example is villages located far from city centers, dachat. Another example is a cafe that did not have a Wi-Fi connection. There are three ways to spread the Internet on Android: Wi-Fi connection;Via Bluetooth;With a USB cable. The distribution is configured in one parameter block. They are usually located under "Wireless Networks -> Add" or "Wireless Networks" in the settings. In different Android firmware, the names of the configuration components may vary, you should look for phrases like "Access Point", "Connections and Sharing" or "Access Point and Modem". How to share the Internet from your phone to Android via Wi-Fi In order for the phone to become a router, you need to find "Modem Mode" in the wireless network settings. This option is usually located in the "Wireless Networks" settings section, where you need to tap the "Add" line. Once you have entered this mode, you will need to click on "Wi-Fi access point". Click the switch at the top to start the Internet transfer. Other devices that support Wi-Fi can already find a new network - by default, it's called a smartphone. Usually you don't need to do anything, you can connect to this network from other phones or tablets. But if you want to protect your mobile Wi-Fi network from unauthorized connections, you can change the password in the access point settings, rename the network, select the encryption method (recommended - WPA2 PSK). This method also answers the question of sharing the Internet from your phone to your tablet. This way, you can also connect your laptop to your computer if it has a Wi-Fi module. The most important thing is to make sure it is enabled on your device. The network with a smartphone name or a user-defined name appears in the list of available wireless connections. Just click on it with the mouse, enter the password and click "Next". Internet distribution via Wi-Fi is one of the fastest ways. Plus, this is the most convenient way to share the Internet from your phone to your tablet. You can connect multiple gadgets at once - laptop, smartphone, tablet. Usually 8-10 devices are supported at a time, so this is one of the best ways to transfer the Internet from phone to phone. However, this method has a major drawback: it quickly drains the smartphone battery, so you need to keep it charged or make sure the battery is not completely drained. Another potential drawback is that mobile operators sometimes block distribution or charge extra for it. If an unlimited tariff is chosen without restrictions not only in terms of speed but also in terms of its distribution capacity, there is no problem. Internet sharing from your Android phone via Bluetooth With this method, the connection speed is much slower, but it consumes less battery power from the smartphone. Only one device can be connected through it, so unauthorized users cannot join the network. Distribution via Bluetooth is in the same settings as transmission via Wi-Fi. Usually it's "Connect and Share" Next, you need to select the line "Bluetooth modem". First, in the Bluetooth settings, you need to make sure that your smartphone is searchable by other devices. To transfer the Internet via Bluetooth, the connected device (laptop, PC, or tablet) must have a Bluetooth module. You need to connect your smartphone to the connected device. If this is a laptop or computer running Windows 10, you will need to: Open the "Control Panel";Go to "Devices and Printers";Click "Add Device" - this will start searching for connecting devices;When your smartphone appears in this list, you need to click on it;A window with an eight-digit code will appear;The phone displays a request to pair the devices. You must allow your smartphone to act as a Bluetooth modem. Now you have to click on the smartphone icon in the "Devices and Printers" window of the PCM and select the line "Connect" - "Access point". Internet connection on a smartphone via USB Distribution is possible without consuming battery power - connect your phone to a laptop or computer with a USB cable. Modern cables provide not only file and traffic transfer but also charging. Connecting your Android phone to your computer with a cable is the easiest way to transfer the Internet. You need to connect the cable to the computer and the smartphone, and the "USB Modem" option will be available in the "Modem mode" settings. All you have to do is move the slider to the right. After a few seconds, the computer automatically connects to the new network. If the automatic connection does not happen after a few minutes (sometimes you need to consider your computer carefully), you can disconnect the devices, reconnect them, and try again. It is important to make sure that mobile Internet is connected to your phone. Usually, the network connects immediately, but if that doesn't help, you can download the drivers from the smartphone manufacturer's official website and install them on your computer. Using Third Party Applications Third-party apps that can be downloaded from Google Play can turn your phone into a modem. However, they are often chargeable and most require administrator privileges. An example of such an application is PdaNet +. The utility shares the Internet via Bluetooth and USB on all Android smartphones and via Wi-Fi on a limited number of devices. The free version periodically disconnects and forces the user to reconnect or purchase the paid version. But it does not require administrator privileges. The FoxFi utility has a similar function. How to share the Internet from phone to tablet Details are described above. To share the Internet from your phone to your tablet, you need to find the wireless settings in the settings, click on "Add" or "Base Station and Modem" / "Wireless Networks" and turn on "Modem Mode". switch in this section. Your smartphone starts sharing the Wi-Fi network to which you can connect your tablet. Conclusion All Android devices can act as modems, share a Wi-Fi connection, connect via Bluetooth or USB. The main thing is that the mobile operator does not block the Internet distribution function and that there is enough traffic and speed to work comfortably. This feature allows you to work on your laptop in places where there is no wired Internet or Wi-Fi connection and you are not tied to a single point.

How to make a dual screen for samsung phone?

How to make a dual screen for samsung phone?

Reading 4 min Outlook 2.2k. Published 3/8/2021 Each new update to the Android operating system offers users a lot of useful features. Some time ago, smartphones based on this operating system started operating in multi-window mode. The operation of this mode is provided by a new technology - Split Screen. A split screen is a useful option that allows people to get the most out of their smartphone and save time by doing multiple tasks at the same time. Learn more about split screening Split screen is a mode that allows you to open 2 windows simultaneously to work in multiple applications simultaneously. Thanks to this division, the user can no longer switch between applications, but perform different tasks in unrelated tools. Now you don’t have to choose one thing, because if you make two monitors, you can watch a YouTube video and chat in Messenger at the same time. Let's see how it works. The smartphone screen is automatically divided into two halves so that the user can see two different application windows that do not overlap. Such convenient screen sharing allows a person to perform multiple tasks at once, which is very important for people living an active social life. Unfortunately, not all smartphone applications work in this mode. For example, a user cannot simultaneously enable one window for a game and a screen for 2 cameras or guides. When trying to run incompatible applications in Split Screen mode, the system notifies the user that it is impossible to make two windows. How the split screen mode works in Samsung Not all users are following the latest operating system updates, which means they still don’t know how to enable dual-display on Samsung. Instead, there are as many as three ways to make two screens on your smartphone. Method number 1 To make a dual-screen smartphone, you need to: Hold down the multitasking button (shown as a normal square).Wait until the system displays a list of all running applications. Select one program and move it to the bottom or top of the smartphone screen by holding your finger on the top of the program window.Select another program from the remaining list and click the window so that it appears on the free part of the smartphone screen. Samsung is now in multitasking mode. Method number 2 There is another, simpler way to make a dual screen for your Samsung smartphone. For this: Launch any application as usual. Press and hold the "square" on the bottom of the phone.Open another application. This will start the split screen and open both programs at the same time. Method number 3 You can share the Samsung screen through the settings. To do this, you need: Go to the phone menu and select the "Settings" section. Select the "System UI Tuner" section. Activate the screen sharing option. You can now activate the mode at any time by pressing the multifunction button (square). On some Samsung models, enabling dual display through settings is different: Go to your smartphone settings.Go to the "Advanced Features" section. Select the "Multiple windows" checkbox to keep it active. Go to the main screen of your smartphone.To switch from Samsung full screen mode to split screen, press and hold the Recent button. Now you know how to double your smartphone screen quickly and easily. Which devices support split screening? In fact, it doesn’t matter at all which model of smartphone you use. The presence or absence of multitasking mode does not depend on the device, but on its firmware. If your smartphone has Android 7 or higher, the gadget will support the new option by default. Note that the larger the diagonal of the screen, the more windows you can open at the same time. If the Samsung screen allows, the owner can open and use up to 5 apps in multitasking mode. If you are not sure if your Samsung has this option, go to the "Settings" menu, the "About Your Phone" section and see which operating system is installed on it. What should I do if my phone does not support multitasking? If your smartphone's operating system is older than version 7, but you need a shared screen, you can use the third-party utilities that are plentiful on Google Play to resolve this issue. Just download one of the apps designed for this, install it on your smartphone, and turn on multi-window when you need it.

How to create a clan in Minecraft on a server

How to create a clan in Minecraft on a server

Reading 3 min Outlook 322 Published 8/16/2021 Minecraft requires a constant battle for survival. Therefore, it would be more logical to form a clan with friends or like-minded people to simplify and speed up most game tasks. Why do you need a clan? Minecraft is a multiplayer game played by players of all ages. Their actions can be unpredictable and unsystematic. That is, playing alone is relatively difficult, especially if there are global missions. In a clan, you can share responsibilities between all players, creating a small interest group that works together to achieve certain goals. That is, it is more profitable to join a clan in Minecraft than to survive alone. Before forming a clan, you should also keep in mind that many want to do the same. This means that the struggle between several groups of players for the championship begins. In fact, this is accomplished in clan battles. They are very useful because they allow you to acquire unique items and things as well as upgrade your account. How to create a clan in Minecraft? To create your own clan, you must enable this option on the server you are connecting to for multiplayer. In fact, this is an extension that an administrator can install. If not, all players can vote to enable this feature. The natural limitation on copying clans is the amount required to pay for the creation. It is configured separately for each server. How to make a clan? To do this, you need to have enough resources to pay for its creation. After that, you need to do the following: Press the "t" key. Enter the / Clan create command with two parameters: a 3-8 character tag that identifies the clan and its full name. If a clan with similar parameters exists, you must make changes, otherwise it will not be created. Set clan settings. You can send invitations to friends, change the color of clan messages, and perform several functions that are available after you enter the / Clan command. If you decide to create your own clan, in this case, be prepared to rule it competently so that players don’t start doing things that are useless to the common cause. For convenience, it is helpful to allocate rights to each participant so that they do not start wasting resources on their own purposes. Conclusion You can create a clan without any problems. Despite having to pay for it, there are a number of benefits and advantages that will pay for themselves as quickly as possible, especially if you already have a lot of acquaintances to play with all the time.

How to Take a Screenshot on a Xiaomi Redmi Phone

How to Take a Screenshot on a Xiaomi Redmi Phone

Reading 5 minutes Outlook 248 Published 9/9/2021 Chinese smartphones are rapidly conquering the market. This is not surprising, as more and more people want to buy low-cost but functional Xiaomi devices instead of the advertised gadgets, where the lion’s share of the cost has to pay for the brand. In addition, Chinese smartphones are virtually no worse than their more expensive counterparts in terms of technical features and functionality. Chinese device owners do not always know all the features of their devices, for example, many do not understand how to take a screenshot on a Xiaomi phone. But there are several ways at once to easily take a picture of the screen. Use of keys With Xiaomi on any model, you can take a screenshot by pressing a specific key combination. To use the first combination, press the power key and the volume key at the same time. The signal that everything is done correctly is another flash that indicates that the display is done. The thumbnail screenshot is now displayed at the top of the screen. If you click on the thumbnail, you can immediately see the resulting result. To take a screenshot with your Redmi phone, you must press the power key and the volume down key at the same time. Everything else follows the same scenario. When you press the buttons a second time, a screenshot will appear on the smartphone screen. This is perhaps the easiest and most popular way to take a screenshot with your Redmi phone. Swipe the screen If you are not uncomfortable pressing the buttons to give the command and to take a screenshot with Xiaomi Redmi, you can use the third method. To do this, swipe the phone screen down with three fingers from top to bottom. The smartphone should "blink" to indicate that the command has been executed and the screenshot has been taken. Using the Quick Control Menu The fourth way to take a screenshot of Xiaom is to use the quick control menu: Swipe down from the top of the screen to display the notification area. Find the "screenshot" button in the menu. Tap the icon. The system executes the command and takes a screenshot of the image "under the curtain". Picture of the Redmi screen with widgets The fifth way to take a screenshot in Xiaom is to use widgets. To take a photo you need: Go to the graphics module menu. This can be done by pressing and holding the smartphone desktop.From the widgets displayed, find the one that is responsible for the screenshot (marked with scissors).Move the widget to your smartphone desktop. Now you can click on the graphics module at any time to get a screenshot. Alternative: Touch Assistant Quick Ball The Chinese Android-type operating system was one of the first to receive an update in the form of a convenient Quick Ball navigation system. In fact, this is a standard shortcut menu that contains the most frequently used user functions. To activate Quick Ball you need: Go to the Redmi menu.Go to advanced settings.Select the "Touch Assistant" section. An arc-shaped line appears to the right of Xiaomi Redmi 9's screen.Click on it and the touch assistant will be activated. Now that you need to take a screenshot, open the context menu and select the scissor icon from several options. Tap it to take a picture of the screen. Long screenshot in Redm In addition to the standard screenshots on the Xiaomi Redmi 9 phone, you can take so-called long screenshots. They are useful when you want to take a photo from the entire Instagram feed, for example. To take such a photo, you need: Take a screenshot in one of the ways described above.Tap the resulting thumbnail.Select "Scrolling" or "Advanced" (on older smartphones) from the lower menu.Scroll to the right moment.Click "Stop." This gives you a long screenshot that captures even the invisible areas of the screen that can only be accessed by scrolling down. video screen Now let’s see how you can make a video of what’s going on on the Xiaomi 9 screen. You can do this using the standard "Screen Recorder" smartphone program: Log in to the app.Click the camera icon.Click Start. Note that video files can take up a lot of space on your smartphone. You can reduce the file size by going to the application settings and lowering the video resolution and quality. Screenshot storage location We figured out how to take a screenshot of the screen. There are as many as 5 ways to do this, as well as an auxiliary tool, the Quick Ball Touch Assistant. Let's now find out where the captured images are stored. To find a screenshot taken right now or recently: Open the smartphone home page.Navigate to the "Gallery" folder.Open the Albums folder.Navigate to the Screenshots folder. Here the system saves all screenshots. To search for video screenshots, follow the same path, but open the Screen Recordings folder instead of the Screenshots folder. As you can see, there are several methods at once to take a screenshot on your Redmi smartphone. This variation will certainly allow everyone to choose the method that best suits them or the situation. If you like the standard methods, you’ll probably appreciate the options with button combinations. If you are used to working with swipe gestures, you can use the quick control menu described in this article. For energetic and multitasking users, working with screenshots via the Quick Ball Touch Assist or Quick Control Menu is best.

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